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  Do You Love What You Sew?

Don't miss the first book published by Nancy for a dose of motivation and masterful guidance for sewing success.
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Sewimagination Workbook: Jackets

Learn more about the book that has been purchased by Claire Shaeffer for her French jacket making class, Pam Howard who teaches jacket making and fitting, and countless other teachers who recommend it for their students.
$34.95 including pattern 1945B--

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The Sewimagination Workbook: Jackets (above) is such a large compendium of information about the jacket and the 1945 series patterns in particular that I really couldn't have written it in a smaller publication. There is so much in it that applies to sewing in general and fashion in all of its incarnations. The work in that book will teach about redesigning all kinds of other patterns too and the collars in the accompanying pattern that comes with the book can be used with the Blouse and Shirt conversions in that booklet below.

The booklets were created to catch up new subscribers to the material that has been presented in the past 15 years of newsletters. It's also very helpful for long time subscribers so they can find information on particular garments and styles all in one place. Information from back issues that are no longer available are combined to present a full picture of what can be changed on a favorite pattern. While the redesigns and conversions are
specific to the Fashion Sewing Group Patterns, they can be used with any favorite pattern.

There is also a New in 2016 Coats Booklet--45 pages, full color PDF and just $14.00


Knits and Knit Know-How Booklet
This is the latest, but not the last in the booklet series. I went back as far as the earliest newsletters in the nineties to get the most popular articles to produce over 55 pages including some pull-out templates in the center for necklines and collars. It’s jam packed with information on sewing with knits. Besides the how, what and why, there are more than a dozen revisions for the 1960 knit twinset pattern including collars, necklines, and sweater dresses. You’ll use this over and over again as you confidently sew those knit garments that everyone loves to wear. I think it’s the best of the booklets so far.



The Jackets to Blouse Conversion Booklet
28 pages including templates for a collar and neckband, and a pleated sleeve (not the cap) plus a section from the July 2008 newsletter about collar design.


Pants Booklet
24 pages including flat front, drawstring, elastic waist, contoured waistband, cargo style and shorts plus information on widening or narrowing pants legs and just a little on fit (My Do You Love What You Sew? book is the ultimate guide to pant fitting from me.) I also included a bit about lining the 1962 vest since it's a great casual coordinate for pants.


Skirts Booklet
36 pages including more than 25 variations on the 1964 pattern, many of which could be applied to most basic skirt patterns; information includes length and volume guidance, understanding grain, flare and bias, skirts without a pattern, invisible zipper technique, how to add pleats, panels and waistbands.
$ 12.00

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