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  Jackets: Soft Tailoring for Modern Sewing    

SewImagination Workbook: Jackets
by Nancy Erickson     $34.95

Even if you're brand new to jacket making, this will give you confidence and skill mastery. Teachers recommend it, students love it, and skilled seamstresses love having all of the possibilities in one place.

"This is jacket making for everyone...not your mother's tailoring book."

Inside the Sewimagination Workbook: Jackets

  • Defining Soft Tailoring that's miles apart from men's tailoring techniques and much easier for even novice seamstresses
  • Choose from more than 50 different design ideas to change, refine and create new styles from basic jacket patterns
  • Facing finesse - making your collar and neckline edges sharp and flat
  • Making Your Arms Sigh - creating a neat, high armhole and shapely sleeve as found in fine designer clothing
  • Pockets to incorporate into jacket designs between seams to use as part of the design
  • Trim techniques - using everything from feathers and fur to yarn and zipper teeth to garnish your creations according to fashion's latest appetite
  • Jacket pattern alteration and fitting as you sew
  • 50 pages of guidesheet information to take you through each step, with special notations offering a variety of advice for fabric choices and sewing methods
  • Changing your favorite jacket patterns into dresses and coats, redesigning buttons to zippers, creating new necklines, collars and more...

This book is 248 pages including 8 in full color. It comes with pattern 1945B which includes 3 new collars, new necklines and pockets, a purse sized pattern catalogue to help you figure out yardage requirements when you shop, and 1/8 size templates of all of the 1945 series jacket pieces. (Jacket pattern 1945 is sold separately).


"I have always been afraid to make a jacket. I noticed that the pattern reviews of her 1945 jacket
pattern were very involved but the results were wonderful, so after emailing with another sewist that thinks
Nancy walks on fashion sewing water, I ordered this book and the 1945 pattern, and I'm almost done with
my second jacket! I don't know why I resisted this for so long. She is the best kept sewing secret ever and
I've taken dozens of classes from the great ones."

"This is a definite must have!"

"I have only about 7 years of newsletters and still find the book well organized and indispensable.
Kudos to Nancy and congratulations to all buyers - you will have a wonderful helper looking over
your shoulder as you make a jacket."

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