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Trims are one of the important ingredients that can lift a garment from ordinary to extraordinary. I'm always on the prowl for these small additions. Select any image and a larger view will open in another window.    

GrosGrain Ribbon - 3" Wide
navy, red, light grey, charcoal, beige, brown, black, green
$ 4.50/yard

GrosGrain Ribbon - 3/8" Wide
lavendar, black, navy, beige with white stitching, white ribbon with black stitching or 1/4" black velvet

Natural Beige Trims-foreground from left: jute soutache braid $1.50/yd, jute insertion piping $1.50/yd; beige & grey trim and brown & natural trim $3.50/yd

GrosGrain Ribbon - 1" Wide
black, beige, brown, camel, navy, grey
$ 1.65/yard
French Denim Trims upper left spool is denim with beige ribbon, lower left is beige twill with denim bows $3.75/yd, right is multiple shades of light denim cording $3.50/yd.

French Ribbon Trim
Multiple navy/blue with white

$ 7.25/yard

  French Flat Trims
from left, blue with black eyelets or brown/rust with black eyelets $3.00/yd; blue/green with black soutache or black/grey with black soutache
French Insertion Trim 3/8"wide, (5/8" wide with insertion edge)
from left, black with grey tufts, blue with grey tufts, black with black and charcoal with black $3.00/yd



Velour Foldover
Navy, black or brown
$ 3.00/yard

Acrylic Foldover
Black, charcoal, moss green, brown


Cording with fringe insertion trim. Black or ecru. Rayon and cotton blend.
Was $5.00/yard --
SALE $2.50/yard

Eveningwear trims
black/green feather insertion trim, $20.00/yard, black with black sequins, $4.50/yard, gold with black woven through $3.50/yard, gold twisted cording

  Beaded collar that you can apply to any neckline--it works shoulder to shoulder and is just $10.00

    Teal blue and black irridesecent tiny beaded trim $6.00/yard

Red and Black Trims
Top - 5/8" wide, $3.00/yard
Bottom - 1 1/4" wide, $4.60/yard

Black/Metallic Trim
  Black Leather Cord
Black RicRac (also available in Navy)
Black Swirl Trim
Special $1.00/yard
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