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"First off, I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I enjoy your newsletters. They are well written, informative and filled with inspiration. Today, I had the opportunity to re-read each issue I received since subscribing one year ago and I I have to say, I am amazed at the breadth of knowledge you have of fashion, current trends and how to re-create current ideas within the home environment. The information you give is so on point and truly reflects all of the research you must do to be able to create such a concise synopsis of the fashion world. Thank you!"
-Subscriber letter, 2013

”Hi Nancy....the pants fit absolutely perfect and I didn't have to make any adjustments to the pattern at all except lop off about 1 1/2 inches on the hem--that is an absolute first timer for me........these are the best fitting pants I have ever owned and I just love them!!!....they are soooo slenderizing....”
-Tennis Hall of Famer, Nancy Richey

“I certainly will sew it again and I would recommend it to others. I am
very pleased with it and plan to make many more versions. Nancy published a workbook for this jacket pattern in 2005 with all the options and techniques that she has included in her newsletters in the past and added some others as well. You can make it in many variations and as trendy as you like with different necklines/collars, lengths, drape and trim/embellishment ideas. Once the basic jacket shell is fitted, I have a blank slate on which to express my own individuality. That is one of the reasons I sew......oh yeah and the fit. Though heretofore only advanced sewers have reviewed this pattern, I would urge anyone with advanced beginner or intermediate skills to try it. Nancy calls her method of construction "soft tailoring for modern sewing".
-Joan on

“This is a once in a lifetime pattern for me—one that really delivered as promised and elevated my sewing skills. I can’t say enough good things about the f inished product. It is so very flattering because of the excellent waist shaping and also gives a very professional appearance. The sleeves are nice and slender, and the overall effect of the garment is one of elongating the body. It does not add pounds unlike many of the RTW jackets in my closet (which will be leaving one by one as I replace them)! It is a longer jacket, coming all the way down to cover my seat, and it also flares just a wee bit at the hip to give it a tiny bit of movement and attitude when I walk. I have been wearing this jacket weekly since about March. I wear it with matching pants to the meetings where I want everyone to sit up and pay attention to what I have to say. The most powerful garment I own, without a doubt.”
-Sarah B, Nashville TN

Nancy, thank you for the lovely, encouraging comments on my jacket and the pants
also. Your patterns are wonderfully drafted, versatile and they are just my style.....
classic, so what is not to like???
-Joan, on Stitchers' Guild Website

Today's mail brought my fabric purchases from the most recent newsletter!
I am thrilled with my purchases: Black and Chili wool double crepes plus Red Prisms.
The black double crepe will be to replace garments I recently purged from my wardrobe: sheath dress, 1945 jacket plus 1964 skirt. The chili double crepe will be another sheath dress and the Red Prisms is designated to be a knee length duster or, perhaps,
1945 coat dress. Now I must forge ahead and complete some home dec sewing that
is "in progress", (ie. "in the way").
- Pat, Henderson, NV

I got my fabric today! Its always fun to get a "Nancy" box. I bought the Northern Lights and the red/black for skirts along with some linings,etc. The fabrics are even nicer than the swatches showed. Now I must put the shoe search for flats and boots into high gear!!
- Peggy, Houston, TX

I also received a "Nancy" box Friday in the mail. I ordered the black on black jacquard
she referenced in the lastest newsletter as being 30% off. Gorgeous! Just what I've
been looking for to make a jacket for the holidays. Need to get sewing as the holidays
are around the corner!
- Vicki, DesMoines, IA

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