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One-Time Button Collection


I bought a large selection (not so much quantity, but good variety) of buttons in boxes from a large high end manufacturer--clothes are in the $200.00-$1,000.00 range. The buttons are all very good quality and rather than take individual pictures of each style since the quantities are limited, you can order them right out of the button trays.

Order by the name of the box, row from the top and compartment number from the left such as: From the two-tone grey box, row two from the top, compartment 6 from the left.

Prices on buttons over 3/4" are $1.00-2.00 and those that are under that size are $.75. They are a super bargain as most would wholesale for double and triple that.

Dark Metal Crest Buttons and
Leathers--Shank Style
Metal Buttons with Crests/Dressy Buttons
with Metallic Accents
Metal Crests Domed Shank Style
Leather Sew-Through Buttons
Purple Buttons with Metal Box
Purple and Storm Blue buttons
--all just $.50 each

Buttons Toggle and Dressy Neutrals
(these leather closures are $5.00 each and
only quantities shown, about 2-4 each)

Buttons Smallish Metals (mostly matte silver)
Two-Tone Grey Box
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