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Coating Sale            

Coatings on sale up to 70% off. Original values to $36.00/yard. Sale prices from $10-$20/yd. Keep in mind that many of the fabrics were originally lower prices than would have been elsewhere at fabric stores with designer fabrics since FSG fabrics are originally offered to subscribers at reduced prices exclusively for them.
Fiber and widths provided by image. All coatings are dry clean.

NOTE: 1 yard minimum cut of a fabric, but you don't have to otherwise order in 1 yard increments, i.e. 1.25 yards and more is just fine. Limited yardage particularly as noted below. Colors vary by computer screen.


Fabric: CT001
Caramel Herringbone, was $18/yd
58" Wide, 100%Wool SALE $12/yd

Fabric:CT002--felts beautifully
Black/Red Wool, was $20
48" Wide, 100%Wool SALE $12/yd
  Fabric: CT003 SOLD OUT
Cranberry Coating, was $26/yd
58" Wide, 100% Wool, SALE $14/yd


Fabric: CT004
Green/Black Tweed, was $22/yd.
60" Wide, 100% Wool, SALE $10/yd.

Fabric: CT005 (Less than 5 yards remain)
Red Coating, was $30/yd.
58" Wide, 85% Wool, 15% Nylon, SALE $18/yd
Fabric: CT006
Black Mohair Coating, was $26/yd
58" Wide, 75% Wool, 15% Mohair, 10% Nylon, SALE $20/yd.

Fabric: CT007
Plaid Coating, 5.5" repeat, was $32/yd.
58" Wide, 100% Wool, repeat, SALE $20/yd.

Fabric: CT008 SOLD OUT
Grapevine Coating, was $26/yd.
60" Wide, 100% Wool, SALE $14/yd.
Fabric: CT009
Chocolate and Grey, was $22/yd
58" Wide, Wool, SALE $10/yd
Fabric: CT010
Black Wool Melton, Was $32/yd
58" Wide,Wool, SALE $16/yd
Fabric: CT011 SOLD OUT
Olive/Camel Wool Twill, was $26/yd
60" Wide, SALE $16/yd
Fabric: CT012
Fall Plaid, 2" repeat, was $26/yd.
58" Wide, wool/cashmere, SALE $14/yd.
Fabric: CT013
Olive and Ivory Sweater-like Coating, was $32/yd
58" Wide, Wool, SALE $16/yard

Fabric: CT014
Taupe Coating, was $18/yd.
58" Wide, Wool, SALE $10/yd.


Fabric: CT015 SOLD OUT
Navy Dotted Coating, was $26/yd.
58" Wide, Wool, SALE $16/yd.


Fabric: CT018
Aqua Herringbone, was $24/yd.
56" Wide, Wool, SALE $12/yd.


New Coatings
        Fabric: CT016
Green Buffalo Plaid
58" Wide, Wool/Poly, $24/yd
Fabric: CT017
Grey Tweed Luxury
58" Wide, 90%Wool, 10%Nylon, $30/yd
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