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Jacket & Vest Pattern 1962
Multi-sized pattern includes sizes 8-18 

This is a looser jacket that should be softly constructed. Though the illustration shows the lapels flat, they are not hard pressed...the collar is meant to stand around the neck, framing the face, while the seams angle downward to cover the tummy, stopping just below it to visually keep the legs longer. If you're a small size in ready-to-wear and petite, the vest will be better than the broad sleeve and extended shoulder of the jacket, which is ideal if you're more full-figured. If you're an amateur at setting in sleeves, this is a very broad sleeve cap to make it easy, or for you vest lovers, here's your chance to do something more interesting and flattering. With or without the lining, this is an easy, great looking jacket.

Just had to let you know that I finished the 1962 sleeveless jacket and I love it. I'm already making another one since it fits so well into my more casual lifestyle. It was easy to sew and fits great. Thank you so much for your suggestion.
- Carole, Seattle, WA

I've made the loose-fitting jacket three times and I think it was made just for me. Since I'm at that age where my boobs are bigger than my behind which is now flat, it fits me great. My neighbor always says, "Here comes Adeline in her gorgeous jacket again." How's that for a compliment?
- Adeline, St. Petersburg, FL

  Yardage Requirements:

Sizes 8-12
45" fabric: 2 3/8 yds.
60" fabric - 1 7/8 yds.
45" lining 1 5/8 yds.

Sizes 14-18
45" fabric 2 3/4 yds.
60" fabric - 2 1/4 yds.
45" lining 2 1/4 yds.

Sleeveless Jacket:
Sizes 8-14
45" fabric 2 1/8 yds.
60" fabric - 1 1/2 yds.

Sizes 16-18
45" fabric 2 3/8 yds.
60" fabric - 1 3/4 yds.

Description: Loose fitting, lined or unlined jacket has collar, extended shoulder, in-seam pockets in front, and sleeve with mock buttoned vent. Sleeveless version is unlined and has armhole facings.

Fabrics: Wool or rayon crepe, tweeds, boucle, lightweight boiled wool, linen and linen-like fabrics, wool flannel, doubleknit, textured woolens and wool blends, velvet.

Notions: Small raglan shoulder pads, three 3/4" buttons for the front, two 1/2-3/4" buttons for the sleeves.

7/8 yard of 60" wide Tailors' Weft, Armo® Weft or similar for facings, collar, and armhole facings of the sleeveless jacket.

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