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Jacket Add-On Pattern 1945C
Multi-sized pattern includes sizes 8-18 


Here is a "collar" variation of 1945 -- collarless, a new collar, and a casual hood. This jacket has a straight front with the front facing cut in one with the front panel, and a plain round neckline. You can then make a quicker-to-sew short length by eliminating the welt or patch pockets. There is also a new front lining piece, so if you want to really zip along you can eliminate the shaping darts of the original lining and use this one in your 1945 and 1945A patterns too. Don't forget you'll need pattern 1945 to complete this jacket. The Jackets Workbook includes pattern 1945B which has three additional collars for the 1945 series jackets along with more neckline and pocket variations as well.


Last week, I made a 1945 jacket to get a good start on winter wardrobe. This was the first time I made it with the lapel and collar, before I'd always used 1945C. I just wanted to say thank you for the great directions and the "Jackets" book. The jacket went together like a dream, looks wonderful, very light for a winter jacket, and got lots of compliments at the local independent fabric store (obviously, I'm not wearing it outside in this 90+ degree humid weather). The book has been a great inspiration for me and I often re-read it and my collection of your newsletters.I feel like I'm rambling here but the point is, thank you very much for all that you do for those of us sewing souls who are surrounded by people in cheap stuff and very little in terms of fashion and fabric.
-Newletter Subscriber
Yardage Requirements:
All yardages given are given for "with nap" layout.

Long, with or without collar:
izes 8-12
45" fabric - 3 1/4yds.
60" fabric - 2 1/4 yds.
45" lining - 2 3/8 yds.

Sizes 14-18
45" fabric - 3 3/4yds.
60" fabric - 2 3/4 yds.
45" lining - 2 1/2 yds.

Short, with or without collar
(9" shorter):

Sizes 8-12
45" fabric 3yds.
60" fabric - 2yds.
45" lining- 2 1/4yds.

Sizes 14-18
45" fabric 3 1/2yds.
60" fabric - 2 1/2yds.
45" lining- 2 1/4yds.

For Hood:
45"-60" fabric add 1/2yd.
45" lining add 5/8yd

  Description: This is a pattern add-on for pattern 1945. This pattern contains only the new front, collar, hood, front lining, and interfacing pieces to complete this style. The rest of the garment pieces are in pattern 1945. Misses semi-fitted, lined jacket has neckline and collar variations, and can be made in two lengths.

Wool or rayon crepe, tweeds, boucle, lightweight boiled wool, menswear fabrics, linen and linen-like fabrics, silk duppioni, wool flannel, doubleknit, textured woolens and wool blends, velvet, brocade, lightweight tapestry.

Shoulder pads, five 3/4" buttons for the front, six 1/2" buttons for the sleeve vents. 

Interfacing: 1 yard 60" wide Tailors' Weft, Armo Weft or similar for facings and collars; 1 yard of 60" wide Fusible Underlining, Textured Weft, So Sheer or Sofknit™ for front pieces or 2 yards of 60" wide for the entire body if the fabric requires it.

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